#ProfDuck Hunt - Winner 
23/06/2015 (#ProfDuck Competition Winner)

If you like Metrohm UK & Ireland Ltd on Facebook then you will have seen the page has been inundated with the exciting travels of Professor Duck!

The recent competition in which we invited customer's to request the yellow, squeaky, toy to accompany them on their travels and submit a picture in a bid to be the winner of a bottle of fizz, was received with excitement.

Aptly named, Professor Duck, dressed in a lab coat with conical flask in hand has travelled far and wide over the last couple of months.  As far as exotic locations such a the Maldives, diving in Sharm El Sheik, taking in the sights of Venice and even travelling back to Medieval times! Aswell as taking up new hobbies such a metal detecting!  

Over 36 pictures in total were submitted and displayed at the Metrohm Open Day on June 11th where an anonymous ballot took place.  Over 70 people voted and decided the winner to be Professor Duck meeting the Ring Tailed Lemurs at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis. 

Debbie Haynes of Unilever, Port Sunlight, Ellesmere Port who perfectly captured the bemused look of the Lemur was delighted to have been chosen to be the winner.   

Debbie (pictured left) was presented with a bottle of bubbles by her local Account Manager - James Downs.

If you would like to see the full range of images visit our Facebook page Metrohm UK & Ireland Ltd