Metrohm Autolab Testimonial from the University of York
27/10/2016 17:08

Metrohm Autolab are pleased to share another testimonial, this time from Dr Rosie Chance at the University of York who has been using Metrohm Autolab potentiostats and voltammetry systems.

Profile Info:

Dr Rosie Chance
Department of Chemistry
University of York

Research Interests:

"My research is focused on biogeochemical processes occurring in the surface ocean and lower atmosphere. Within this area, I currently have two main areas of interest: the marine iodine cycle, particularly the speciation of iodine compounds in seawater, and the chemical composition of marine atmospheric aerosol, including both trace metals and organic molecules. I use a range of different analytical chemistry techniques, and have conducted fieldwork in the Arctic, the Antarctic and several places in between."

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