Giving titration a new lease of life
23/09/2019 15:30 (UK)

Metrohm titration donation
In January this year, Metrohm UK were contacted by Carlos Cesari the Science Department at Sprowston Community Academy in Norwich who were looking for some analytical instruments to have in their laboratory.

The school has seen more and more students opting for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in recent years. Their laboratory that can be used for A-level practices, after school clubs, STEM clubs in addition to Years 10 and 11 (pupils ages 15-16) to encourage children to choose STEM.

We were happy to donate some equipment to the school to be used for teaching and practical lessons. This included a titrator complete with stirrer, exchange unit and electrode, a Dosimat and conductivity meter.

Metrohm donate titration equipment
This month, the Science Teacher Dr. Jamie Leeder explained to the children about the equipment donation and what these instruments are used for. He then went on to test distilled water versus table salt in order to demonstrate the difference between low and high ions in solution.

After that, children were invited to put CuSO4 0.5M in a beaker and measure the conductivity. They recorded at 8mS. They connected the carbon electrodes, wire and the power pack and saw that conductivity started going up and up to 30mS. This was the first group to use the instrument, and the children were impressed and enjoyed the practical lesson.

This year, the school will be organising practical sessions for students to learn about titrator and its commercial/industrial applications and analyse some commercial samples like acid toilet cleaners and juices.