“I am genuinely impressed with the expertise of Metrohm.”
27/06/2018 13:11

“I am genuinely impressed with the expertise of Metrohm.” Lee Mallard, Senior Analytical Chemist, Uniper Technologies Limited.

Uniper Technologies Limited successfully deliver specialist engineering and asset management projects for the energy industry.

On a lab basis they analyse samples from all aspects of the power industry (e.g. steam cycle waters, waste water, ground water, fuel, ash, transformer oils, lubrication oil and grease) and are UKAS accredited.

“We have a Metrohm IC system for anion, cation and organic acid analysis. Mainly this is natural/waste water samples but we also analyse fuel leachate samples too. We also have several titration vessels (chloride, moisture) as well as probes for pH and Conductivity readings.

For steam cycle and boiler waters the main challenge is achieving the desired sensitivity and subsequent limits of quantification and detection. We need to ensure the system is clean which can be problematic when switching across sample types quickly. Metrohm IC columns (I favour the Metrosep Supp 10 with RP 2 Guard) ensure this is possible.

My Metrohm IC system, a modular mix of 700 and 800 series modules ran from a Windows 7 PC running IC Net v2.3, predates my time at UTG. It is an old system but it works and works well with very few user issues. It is robust and needs to be given our high throughput. It is also very user friendly. My previous incarnation was in the R&D function of a large Pharma company where my IC use was all a Metrohm competitor, these are good instruments too but I find Metrohm superior such that I would say anyone with chromatography understanding would be able to work with a Metrohm IC and its software with limited instruction.

As mentioned before the Metrohm IC is robust. Time taken for the system to settle/equilibrate (especially where suppression is used) is quick unlike other instruments I have historically used. Downtime is at a minimum and the column technology is excellent and resilient to whatever I throw at it. The application note methods from Metrohm are spot on too

Metrohm’s after sales service and support is excellent, Jonathan Bruce is always available for any technical support and Paul Bonser keeps me abreast of all technical advances, new instrumentation opportunities (which I suspect will be needed as our current model comes off support) and rapid response to my consumable needs…..mainly columns.

I am genuinely impressed with the expertise of Metrohm. The instrumentation is easy to use, never lets the bench chemist down and the support is excellent.”