"Metrohm UK is a highly recommended supplier of analytical equipment"
30/07/2018 13:33

EDF IC Set up
“Standards are easy and quick to prepare “  - Lukasz Grzybowski PhD MRSC, Support Chemist, EDF Energy (Thermal Generation) Limited

West Burton B CCGT is EDF Energy's only gas-fired power station, located in Nottinghamshire. It has three combined cycle units capable of generating enough electricity for approximately 1.5 million UK homes.

“Water and steam purity is key parameter for steam turbine operation and corrosion control. We constantly monitor ion concentration to ensure the process is under control. We decided to have Metrohm IC because of reliability, easy to maintain on site and the most important – customer service and support.

Previous experience with Metrohm convinced us to make further investment into this instrument to improve analytical process. Our initial setup has been modified by Metrohm’s experts and now we are able to run two streams of samples (cations and anions – including some organic compounds) at the same time. Auto-sampler and DOSINO units make the analytical process automatic as far as possible. Standards are easy and quick to prepare, preparation process is not time consuming therefore our Technicians can focus on other tasks. Instrument has easy access so many problems can be resolved, with Metrohm’s support, on site without any delay.

The cooperation with Metrohm does not end with the purchase. Metrohm’s Customer Service Team is always willing to help with operational issues or if modification to the method is required. Metrohm UK is highly recommended supplier of analytical equipment.”