Metrohm Voyager

Metrohm Voyager Outside
Metrohm UK Ltd would like to introduce you to the new Metrohm Voyager mobile laboratory.
This Mercedes van has been specifically converted by a specialist company to create a bespoke laboratory facility for the purpose of displaying and performing dry demonstrations of the whole range of Metrohm laboratory solutions in any location!

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Metrohm Voyager Inside
“The Metrohm Voyager now gives every laboratory in the country the opportunity to see a nice selection of our instruments. Whether its titration, Karl Fischer, Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry or Ion Chromatography there is an instrument on board to view and discuss with our team of Technical experts. Instrument choice, application advice and method optimisation can all be discussed without having to travel. The Voyager optimises Metrohm’s core values namely of offering the best quality products with the best advice and service. I am truly excited about this new adventure and hope as many customers as possible get to see us”

Andy Matthews, Managing Director, Metrohm UK & Ireland,

Our IC roadshow is coming to an area near you...

Step on board our Voyager van and see our latest ion chromatography instruments... 

> NEW! Eco IC 

> 940 Professional IC Vario 

> 930 Compact IC 

> A range of Metrohm Autosamplers 

PLUS see third party software control of Metrohm IC! It's the perfect way to see our instruments and speak to our technical experts; get advice on applications, method optimisation and automation solutions.

24th - 28th July: North East
31st July - 4th August: South East
7th - 18th August: South West
21st - 24th August: North West
4th - 8th September: Scotland

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