SERS Detection of Brilliant Blue – Overcoming fluorescence issues with Misa

Brilliant Blue (BB) FCF, more commonly known as FD&C Blue #1, is the most commonly used blue dye worldwide for food and beverages. It is generally accepted as safe and non-toxic. Aside from foods labelled as organic or as free from artificial dyes, there is little objection to the use of BB at levels at or exceeding 100 μg/g in foods.

This application for Misa (Metrohm Instant SERS Analyzer) is unique. The benefit is twofold — successful detection of a fluorescent dye, and a unique sample cleanup technique that permits detection of a target that does not exhibit a strong SERS signal and is present in a complex matrix. While Misa successfully detects BB in direct sampling, this application describes a simple extraction method that improves detectability of BB with Misa.