Iron(II) in iron sucrose injection solution acc. to USP 26 / NF21

The concentration of Fe2+ is determined polarographically in iron sucrose injection solutions. Two signals are recorded, one for the reduction of Fe(III) to Fe(II) and a second one for the reduction of Fe(II) to Fe0. The concentration of Fe2+ is calculated as follows:

w(Fe2+) = [1-2/R] w(Fetotal) [% w/v]

R is defined as R = peak height (Fe2+ to Fe0) / peak height (Fe3+ to Fe2+)

The total iron concentration w(Fetotal) is determined in a separate analysis by AAS. The calculation in this application as stated above can be done automatically with the 746 VA Trace Analyzer. With the 797 VA Computrace only the peak heights of the two reduction peaks are available. The final calculation has to be done manually.