663 VA Stand for Metrohm Autolab potentiostats

663 VA Stand for Metrohm Autolab potentiostats
Artikkelnummer: 2.663.0020

The 663 VA Stand is a voltammetric measuring stand for potentiostats from Metrohm Autolab. The 663 VA Stand can be used to perform polarographic and voltammetric measurements on the following electrodes: Multi-Mode electrode pro (MME), rotating disk electrodes or scTRACE Gold.

Delivery with complete accessories and all electrodes for a complete measurement system: Multi-Mode electrode pro (MME), Ag/AgCl reference electrode and Pt auxiliary electrode. Without cable and power supply unit. An IME663 interface is required as connector to the potentiostats from Metrohm Autolab.

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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 290/295/420
Dimensions remark Height with covering folded open: 570 mm