pH ja johtokykymittarit rutiiinikäyttöön laboratorioon ja kentälle

912 Johtokykymittari, 913 pH-mittari ja 914 yhdistelmä pH/johtokykymittari sopivat erinomaisesti rutiinianalyyseihin laboratoriossa ja kentällä.

Metrohmin kestävillä ja pienikokoisilla laitteilla on helppo tehdä mittauksia missä vain. Ne ovat helppokäyttöisiä ja käyttäjäystävällisiä.

Key features

  • “Two-in-one” meters for laboratory and field use
  • Clearly organized, multilingual user interface with large color display
  • Samanaikainen pH/pH tai pH/johtokyky mittaus mahdollinen
  • Various data export and management options
  • Sisäänrakennetut laadunvarmistustoiminnot

Equipped for field use

The 912 Conductometer, 913 pH Meter, and 914 pH/Conductometer come with all necessary and convenient features for measurements outside of the lab:
  • battery that can be charged on a car cigarette lighter, PC or laptop, or on the mains supply
  • connect directly to A4 or POS printer to print GLP-compliant reports
  • IP67: resistant to water and dust
  • ergonomic design for comfortable hand-held use
  • result memory for up to 10,000 data sets

Perfect for field use – and for the lab, too!

The portable meters are ideal for measurements in the field or in the process, but they are equally suited for analyses in the laboratory: in a lab setting, they can simply be placed in the matching stand plate and connected to the power supply.

One instrument – several measurements

With its analog and its intelligent input, the 913 pH Meter can measure the pH value or ORP of two samples simultaneously.

The 914 pH/Conductometer, on the other hand, can measure the ORP or pH value while also measuring conductivity, TDS, or salinity at the same time – even in the same beaker.

With the 912 Conductometer you can analyze conductivity, TDS, and salinity, one at a time.

Manage your results your way

With this series of meters, you have a whole range of options in terms of data management.

While on the go, measurement data and results can be saved on the device for later export into your LIMS or Excel. There is room for up to 10,000 data sets!

You can, however, also directly print out a report using an A4 or POS printer.

In the lab, you can manage your results in the titration software tiBase – with all the options and convenience of a modern data management system.

An eye on security

A sensor quality symbol on the display indicates if the sensor is still good for measurements and when the next calibration is due.

Expert and routine dialogs add an extra level of security: the routine dialog restricts users to a limited scope of functions, while the password-protected expert dialog allows authorized users to access the complete capabilities of the meter.

Top-notch sensors for your measurements

A broad selection of Metrohm’s renowned electrodes is available for the pH and conductivity meters. Find out more here.

The ideal system for your requirements

All meters are available in different versions:
  • Basic version
  • Laboratory version
  • With complete accessory case for outdoor use