KF Titrando

KF Titrando with Touch Control and operator

No matter whether your samples contain just trace concentrations of water or whether they are mostly water, the Titrando family of Karl Fischer titrators has got you covered.

These coulometric and volumetric titrators can be customized to your requirements and offer a wealth of options to make your work easier and safer: optional software control, sample preparation and automation solutions, and many more.

Key features

  • Accurate determination of any water content (0.001 to 100%)
  • Operation with tiamo software for full compliance
  • Coulometers with automatic start of titration and reagent exchange
  • Volumeters with intelligent dosing elements

High-end titrators for any water content and any requirements

Titrando coulometric and volumetric Karl Fischer titrator for water determination

Titrando is Metrohm’s instrument family for exacting demands.

Like the potentiometric Titrandos, the Karl Fischer versions offer excellent measuring accuracy and a host of features that will meet any requirements.

The KF Titrando family of titrators includes a variety of coulometric, volumetric, and combined titrators, enabling you to analyze any water content from 0.001 to 100%.

KF Titrando: the way you want it

Titrando system performing volumetric Karl Fischer titration and potentiometric titration

KF Titrandos can be fully tailored to your specific requirements.

They can either be used as stand-alone titrators or integrated into an overarching network. Operation has been optimized for both scenarios: you can use a convenient Touch Control unit or the elaborate tiamo software to tap the full potential of your Titrando system.

KF Titrando coulometers: safe and convenient

Titrando coulometric titrator for moisture determination in samples

If you perform coulometric titrations with a KF Titrando, you will benefit from increased convenience and improved safety.

These titrators recognize the addition of sample automatically and start the titration. Moreover, you have the option to automate reagent exchange with a Titrando coulometer and Dosinos or Dosing Units. You therefore don’t have to open the cell and direct contact with the toxic reagents is avoided.

KF Titrando volumeters: clever and convenient

Titrando system for volumetric water content determination by Karl Fischer titration

Titrando volumetric titrators can be used in conjunction with intelligent Exchange or Dosing Units.

These devices have a data chip with the relevant data on it. In this way, you can benefit from increased convenience and security, because you don’t have to enter this data yourself and errors are minimized.

MATi systems: preconfigured packages for specific applications

Fully automated volumetric Karl Fischer titrator for water content determination

With great flexibility comes a multitude of options. However, you don’t have to bother putting together your titrator, electrode, sample changer, and accessories.

We’ve done that for you. Our MATi systems are all-inclusive packages that contain everything you need for a specific application.

tiamo titration software

Outstanding ease of use, full traceability, powerful database management.

That's tiamo!

Automation options

Find out how you can increase efficiency and reduce costs in your laboratory with an automation solution from Metrohm.

Automation solutions

Sample preparation

Metrohm offers a range of sample preparation techniques for water determination.

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"Titrandos have a very good reliability, accuracy, and precision."

V. Goodwin, National Metal and Material Technology Center (MTEC), Thailand