Ag Titrode 

Ag Titrode 
Order number: 6.00430.100

Combined silver ring electrode with a pH glass membrane as reference electrode.
This maintenance-free electrode is suitable for precipitation titrations when the pH value remains constant (titrant silver nitrate), for example of:

  • chloride, bromide, iodide
  • sulfides
  • hydrogen sulfide
  • mercaptans
  • cyanides

This electrode is stored in distilled water.

Depending on the application, we recommend using an Ag Titrode with a coating (AgBr, AgCl or Ag2S coating), which can be ordered accordingly.

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Electrode plug-in head Metrohm plug-in head G
Indicator electrode shape Ring
Indicator electrode type Ag
Max. installation length (mm) 125
Measuring range -2000...2000
Measuring unit mV
Min. immersion depth (mm) 20
pH range 0...14
Reference system pH
SGJ sleeve flexible
Shaft diameter bottom (mm) 6
Shaft diameter top (mm) 12
Shaft material Glass
Temperature range, long-term (°C) 0...80
Temperature range, short-term (°C) 0...80