• OMNIS titrator


    Innovative instruments, systems, and accessories for all requirements in titration
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  • Karl Fischer titrátor Titrando

    Karl Fischer titration

    Comprehensive range of instruments and accessories for the determination of any water content in liquid, solid, or gaseous samples
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  • Iónový chromatograf 940 a 930

    Ion chromatography

    Ion chromatographs for routine use and research applications: flexible, reliable, and easy to use
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  • 914 pH/konduktometer

    pH/Ions, DO & conductivity

    High-precision instruments for pH, ORP, ion, conductivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature measurement in the lab or in the field
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  • NIR spektrofotometer DS2500


    NIR and RAMAN spectrometers for analysis in the lab, in the field, and in the process
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  • Polarograf 797 VA Computance


    Instruments for trace analysis of metals and other electrochemically active substances with voltammetry, polarography, and CVS.
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  • Procesný analyzátor ADI 2045

    Process Analyzers

    Process analyzers for industrial inline, online, and atline analysis in a variety of industries: petrochemical, semiconductor, metal, paper, mining, and water
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  • Autolab Multi Potentiostat


    Potentiostat/galvanostat instruments, modular extensions, software, and accessories for electrochemical research
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  • 892 Professional Rancimat

    Stability measurement

    Instruments for measuring the oxidation stability of biodiesel and its blends, natural oils/fats and fat-containing foodstuffs or the PVC thermostability
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  • System for user-friendly routine liquid handling

    Liquid Handling

    Solutions for accurate manual or automated liquid handling: dosing, pipetting, transferring, and dispensing solutions.
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  • Metrohm príslušenstvo


    Sensors, electrodes, IC columns, glassware, tubing, and all other accessories for Metrohm instruments
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