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Bringing Good Vibes to your lab: Spectroscopy with OMNIS NIRS!

Automatic development of prediction models

Analysis of liquids and solids in seconds

One platform: NIRS, titration, and automation

Let's discuss your applications. OMNIS experts are here for you.

Product Manager Spectroscopy

Dr. Nicolas Rühl

Get to know NIR spectroscopy and its applications

Download free white paper

This white paper gives a brief overview of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, including the benefits and how it is different from IR spectroscopy. Application examples are presented from the petrochemical, food, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries.

OMNIS – The universal platform for your lab NIR spectroscopy, titration, and automation in one solution

How many different software applications and hardware devices are you juggling to manage your QC analysis?

Enter OMNIS: our all-in-one solution designed to streamline your entire QC analysis onto a single, modular platform. With OMNIS, you have one software to control all your processes, display results in a unified interface, and ensure seamless integration with your LIMS. Plus, the flexibility to expand and tailor your solution whenever your needs evolve.

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