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Karl Fischer titration is the preferred method for water content determination in all kinds of samples. However, some matrices cannot be analyzed by direct Karl Fischer titration. In a free webinar on June 20, 2023, participants can learn how to determine the water content in «difficult» samples using the Karl Fischer oven method.

Matrices that undergo side reactions with the Karl Fischer reagent, that contaminate the titration cell and the electrode, that are poorly soluble in alcohol, or that release the contained water only slowly cannot be analyzed by direct Karl Fischer titration.

These challenges can be easily met using the Karl Fischer oven method: With this method, the sample matrix is heated up to release the contained moisture, which is then determined by Karl Fischer titration in a separate reaction vessel – no matrix effects, no contamination, and always reliable results.

Key learning points of this webinar:

  • The principles of the Karl Fischer oven method
  • How to properly prepare the titration system with oven
  • How to prepare the sample
  • How to select the optimal oven temperature