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In the refining process of crude oil, sulfur compounds are present throughout the entire boiling range of the hydrocarbons. In order to prevent corrosion of pipes and meet the specifications for the final products, various desulfurization treatments are used. The 2045TI Ex-proof online Analyzer from Metrohm Process Analytics is a turn-key solution to monitor the sulfur content at any stage in the downstream process.

Desulfurization can occur at many points within a refinery, from the crude feedstock to the distillate streams. While lighter impurities (including mercaptans and sulfides) can be removed via hydrotreating, heavier sulfur compounds can be removed with hydrocracking after the hydrotreating process. The mercaptan and H2S content in crude oil is determined by a two-endpoint argentometric titration (see also Metrohm Application Bulletin 135) based on ASTM D3227-83 and UOP163-67. Application Note AN-PAN-1026 describes the respective applications and is available free from Metrohm Process Analytics.

The Process Analytics 2045TI Ex-proof Process Analyzer with a customized sample preconditioning system can be implemented in many areas within the refinery to ensure the catalysts in the reactors are not exhausted and to limit corrosion further on in the distillation unit. The analyzer fulfills EU Directives 94/9/EC (ATEX95) and is certified for Zone-1 and Zone-2 areas.


AB-135         Potentiometric determination of hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and mercaptans in petroleum products

AN-PAN-1026         Mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide in raw oil in accordance with ASTM D3227 and UOP163