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Iris Biotech, a German manufacturer and supplier of fine chemicals, has consolidated much of their regular quality control testing on a single, handheld Raman spectrometer – MIRA P. This device allows the company to identify and verify the quality of materials in just a few seconds.

Compact, robust, and powerful: Meet MIRA P

Handheld spectrometer MIRA P for incoming raw material identification

Iris Biotech mainly provides chemicals and reagents focused on peptide synthesis. The company also offers a wide range of linker technologies and drug delivery products.

MIRA P is employed for two different tasks. On the one hand, so-called retests are performed. Products are regularly checked after a certain period of time, and if the product still meets the specifications, it is released again.

On the other hand, the incoming goods are controlled upon receipt to make sure that the customer receives the product they expect.

Markus Ott, Head of Laboratory at Iris Biotech, values the compact size, adjustable lens, and sampling probes of the MIRA P, which allow him to analyze the substances as they are, without taking samples and even through packages.

Flyer: A laboratory in the palm of your hand (8.000.5481, PDF, 270 KB)


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