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Two robust and sensitive analytical techniques in their own right – ion chromatography (IC) and mass spectrometry (MS) – can be combined to form an even more powerful technique: IC-MS. This multiparameter method determines various analytes such as inorganic cations and amines in one run, unlike other analytical techniques.

A fully automated IC-MS system controlled by a single software guarantees reproducible and reliable results and assures data integrity for users. Conductivity and MS signals are recorded in parallel to obtain valuable information about the sample from two complementary detectors, making IC-MS an outstanding technique to quantify trace analytes in a variety of matrices. An additional advantage of using Metrohm IC is that Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation options can be integrated to further reduce manual labor steps for better results.

This White Paper covers several IC-MS applications for the determination of inorganic cations (e.g., potassium, rubidium, strontium, barium) as well as ethanolamines, alkylamines, and biogenic amines (e.g., putrescine, cadaverine, histamine).


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