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Metrohm has combined the best aspects of laboratory and online systems to create the 875 ProcessLab - a fully customized, automated atline system for analytical testing. ProcessLab has a compact design that allows close positioning to the process, resulting in faster and more reproducible results. The modular design of ProcessLab provides complete flexibility allowing users to configure application-specific systems. This flexibility also enables system to be uprgraded and reconfigured to meet future analytical demands. Finally, it is a more affordable alternative to online systems and its intuitive design makes it easy to install and operate at any skill level. With its ability to be configured for a wide scope of applications in various industries, ProcessLab is a perfect system for the production floor, laboratory or anywhere in between. The hermetical separation of the wet-part modules protects the electronic components against dust and splashing liquids in harsh plant environments. The reliable industrial PC and PLC-driven I/O Controller provide comprehensive control and communication options using standard protocols. Result outputs can be provided as a direct link to the process control center via analog/digital signals or can be delivered via local network to a plant engineer or laboratory manager. Effective monitoring of real-time results can help tighten specifications, detect problems at an early stage and avoid wasting money on out-of-spec products.  ProcessLab is easy to use, robust and provides fast, reliable results for safe process control.

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