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ProfIC Vario 11 - Anion is a Professional IC Vario system with variable sample Preconcentration, Matrix Neutralization and Matrix Elimination for trace analysis of anions. With the «ProfIC Vario 11», concentrations down to the ppt range (ng/L) in various matrixes can reliably be determined. The intelligent 800 Dosino carries out the high-precision sample preconcentration on the preconcentration column, which replaces the sample loop and removes all sample matrix using the Matrix Elimination technique. When strongly acidic or alkaline samples are involved, Inline Neutralization is recommended. With this technique, such samples can be neutralized fully automatic during sample delivery and then analyzed directly.
This technique is also suitable for determining ultratraces. After Inline Neutralization, even strongly alkaline samples can be preconcentrated, this facilitates analyses in the ng/L concentration range. 


Metrohm AG

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