Check of surfactant electrodes

This Application Bulletin describes methods for checking the condition of electrodes for surfactant titration. For testing electrodes used for ionic surfactant titration (Ionic Surfactant electrodes), sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) is determined using TEGO®trant. Conversely, for testing electrodes used for cationic surfactant titration (Cationic Surfactant electrodes), TEGO®trant is titrated with SDS.

For non-ionic surfactant electrodes (NIO surfactant electrode), PEG 1000 is titrated with sodium tetraphenylborate (STPB).

For testing Surfactrode Resistant and Surfactrode Refill electrodes, titrations of SDS with TEGO®trant are performed. Suitable criteria for the test are the height of the potential jump and the shape of the titration curve.

Key word: NaPh4B