Online Determination of Anions in 50% NaOH and 50% KOH by IC (ASTM E1787-16)

The basic chemicals industry is responsible for producing thousands of raw materials at very large scales. The industries downstream rely upon a certain level of chemical purity to manufacture their own goods, as certain impurities can cause major issues in various processes. During the production of the basic chemicals NaOH and KOH, electrolysis of saturated brine solutions with membrane-cells yield the product which is further concentrated by evaporation. Impurities from the salts used in the brine will also be concentrated. Typically, this impurity analysis is performed offline with various hazardous chemicals with varying shelf-lives. The Process Ion Chromatograph is able to perform the measurement described in ASTM E1787-16 online, ensuring quality product without the need for time-consuming, hazardous laboratory experiments.