MIRA DS: Identify hazardous and illicit substances quickly and safely

There is no room for guesswork in your profession.

As a law enforcement, hazmat, or military professional, identifying whether a substance you’re dealing with is dangerous can make all the difference.

To help you stay safe, we have developed the new MIRA DS. This instrument allows you to identify substances in the field, quickly and safely, e.g.:

  • Explosives
  • Illicit substances

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How MIRA DS can help you

Know what you are dealing with

Identify unknowns, illicit drugs, explosives or potentially hazardous materials quickly and accurately. Now thanks to Metrohm's ID Kit, you can also detect heroin in dirty street samples in just a few minutes.

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Safe sampling options

Avoid contact with potentially hazardous substances thanks to various sampling attachments.

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A robust companion

MIRA DS is an invaluable asset in your work. It conforms with MIL-STD 810G specifications.

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Identify hazardous materials, liquids, and powders at the push of a button

Mira DS can identify thousands of substances and mixtures. The analyser takes the molecular fingerprint of the substance and matches it with stored profiles on the device. The instrument provides you reliable identification of the substance or mixture you have in front of you quickly.

Identification of hazardous and illicit substances and explosives

In addition, you can assess the risks associated with the substance by interfacing the Mira DS with the proven HazMasterG3™ app.

This app will give you vital information on the substance identified by the Mira DS analyser.

Mira DS can interface with HazMasterG3™:

  • via USB connection to a computer
  • via Bluetooth to an Android device
Risk assessment of hazardous substances using Mira DS spectrometer and HazMasterG3 app

Some of the substances that can be identified:

Illicit drugs
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Designer drugs
  • Cannabinoids
  • [...]
  • RDX
  • TNT trinitrotoluene
  • Urea
  • AN (ammonium nitrate)
  • Commercial blasting compounds
  • [...]

ID Kit: Accurate, robust, and fast opioid and heroin testing

With our ID Kit, you can identify heroin and opioids in samples in no time. Using P-SERS (surface-enhanced Raman scattering), you can positively identify heroin in just a few minutes.

The P-SERS test strips reduce fluorescence and amplify the signal from trace materials. This enables you to perform presumptive testing quickly and reliably, from trace amounts to dirty street samples.

When it comes to robustness and accuracy, surface-enhanced Raman scattering is superior to current test methods, especially colorimetric tests.

Your safety is our priority

Thanks to a variety of attachments for measurement, you can avoid contact with unknown substances and ensure safe operation. The Mira DS analyser enables you to perform the measurement in any situation. See what the attachments can be used for.

Ball Probe Attachment

Extend the reach of the analyser using the Ball Probe Attachment. Simply place the tip of the attachment into the liquid or powder.

Right Angle Attachment

Analyse plastic bags comfortably using the Right Angle Attachment. Simply place the bag on a flat surface and put the tip of the attachment on top of it.

Standoff Attachment

Stay safe and analyse substances from a distance with the Standoff Attachment.

Universal Attachment

Identify liquids and powders through bottles or plastic bags with the Universal Attachment.

Download our free White Papers for more in-depth information

White Paper Safety in Any Situation with Mira DS handheld Raman analyzer Safety in Any Situation – Addressing the needs of first responders

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White Paper on Smart Acquire routine of Mira DS handheld Raman analyzer Smart Acquire – Automated Raman Material ID for Defense and Security Professionals

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A robust analyzer always at hand

Barely larger than a smartphone and weighing just 705 grams, Mira DS enables true single-hand operation.

This rugged analyser meets MIL-STD 810G specifications as defined by:

  • Method 501.5 (High Temperature)
  • Method 502.5 (Low Temperature)
  • Method 512.5 (Immersion, IP67)
  • Method 514.6 (Vibration)
  • Method 516.6 (Mechanical Shock)
Mira DS Robust handheld analyzer for the identification of illicit drugs and explosives


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