Spectroscopy Solutions

Visual and near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy and spectrometers

Our expertise

More than 50 years’ spectroscopy experience with more than 50 patents – that is Metrohm NIRSystems. Our extensive portfolio of NIRS laboratory and process spectrometers as well as our ready-to-analyse Raman spectrometers in smartphone size let you experience the lightness of measuring.

We offer you unparalleled accuracy, even for complex samples. Discover our complementary spectroscopy families: NIRS and Raman.

  • NIRSystems Laboratory Analyzers

    Available Options NIRS XDS MasterLab Analyzer near-infrared spectroscopy instrument

    Our versatile Vis-NIR spectrometers can be applied in various industries, e.g., chemical, polymer, cosmetics, paper and pulp, or pharmaceutical, to determine chemical and/or physical properties of samples quickly and reliably.

    • Quantitative and qualitative routine analysis in the shortest time
    • Extended application range thanks to combined visual and near-infrared spectroscopy
    • Compliant with regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzers

    Available Options MIRA handheld Raman analyzers

    With our handheld Mira spectrometers, you can rapidly extract a great deal of chemical information from a wide variety of samples. Within seconds, the handheld analyzers provide you reliable and easily interpretable results.

    • True single-hand operation: small and lightweight instruments
    • Orbital Raster Scan mode for highly reliable results
    • Reliable results in a matter of seconds


Pre-calibrations for NIR spectroscopy offer you a ready-to-use solution to determine multiple quality parameters in specific industries.

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NIRS Process Analysers

Via process monitoring our analyzers facilitate real-time decision making, even in harsh environments.

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Vision Air

Universal spectroscopy software for routine analysis, data management, and method development.

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Spectroscopy software for instrument control, data administration, and method development.

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