2035 Process Analyzer - Thermometric

2035 Process Analyzer - Thermometric
Order number: A252035030

The 2035 Process Analyzer for Thermometric Titration performs automated titrations with a fast-responding, highly sensitive temperature sensor. Instead of the electrochemical potential, the endpoint is determined by enthalpy, i.e., by change in temperature of the solution during the titration. Thermometric titration is by far the most robust titration method available on the market and is excellent for 24/7 online process applications, such as the monitoring of etching baths. No sensor calibration is necessary, and less cleaning steps are needed. Rapid analysis is possible with this technique; acid mixtures, e.g., can be analyzed in less than three minutes.

Thermometric titration can be used for a wide variety of titration analyses and is well-suited to handle aggressive sample matrices because of the robust thermometric sensor. The sensor needs no maintenance because fouling and other undesired interactions are minimal, and there are no membrane or diaphragm problems as with other titration methods. Thermometric titration is a problem solver for difficult samples which cannot be titrated potentiometrically, and is also a preferred technique in situations when HF is present in samples.

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Ambient Temperature 5-40 °C
Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 660/925/550
Dimensions remark Dimensions with table stand
Ingress Protection IP66/NEMA4
Number of sample streams 1 to 10
Weight kg 60
  • Brochure: 2035 Process Analyzer – Multi-purpose analyzer for the online monitoring of industrial processes and waste waters (english)
    • Prospectus : 2035 Process Analyzer – Analyseur polyvalent pour le contrôle online des processus industriels et des eaux usées (français)
    • Prospekt: 2035 Process Analyzer – Mehrzweck-Analysator für die Online-Überwachung von industriellen Prozessen und Abwässern (deutsch)