Spectroelectrochemical measurements: one integrated solution

DropSens spectroelectrochemistry instrument with a bipotentiostat/galvanostat and a spectrometer

Combine electrochemistry and spectroscopy in one measurement with SPELEC. The SPELEC instrument is an integrated solution consisting of a bipotentiostat/ galvanostat combined with a spectrometer and a light source. It is available in two detection range versions (200–900 nm and 350–1050 nm).

Spectroelectrochemistry is a useful technique used for investigating and identifying electroactive species and redox reactions products. It can be applied in various research fields, such as:

  • New materials characterization
  • Photochemical energy conversion
  • Photovoltaic cell
We offer an integrated solution for this type of measurement: instrumentation, dedicated software, and accessories.

Key features

  • Combined bipotentiostat/ galvanostat and spectrometer with light source
  • Two detection ranges available: 200–900 nm and 350–1050 nm
  • Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical mode can be used independently
  • Dedicated software for perfect synchronization of optical and electrochemical measurement
  • Compatible with any kind of spectro-electrochemical cell and with screen-printed electrodes

Keep your measurements in sync with DropView Spelec

The SPELEC instrument comes with a dedicated, intuitive software that makes measurement, data handling, and data treatment easy.

With this software, you can display electrochemical curves and spectra in real time and follow your experiments in Counts, Absorbance, Transmittance, or Reflectance.

When it comes to data treatment, the DropView Spelec offers a host of functions, including plot overlay, peak integration and measurement, 3D plotting, and many more.

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All you need for your experiments

We offer a wide range of accessories for use with the SPELEC instrument. With the suitable cell and screen-printed electrode, you can perform transmission and reflection experiments using low sample volumes, and you can even easily perform reflection experiments in flow analysis.

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Modular spectroelectrochemistry solution from Autolab

Autolab Spectroelectrochemistry Spectrophotometer Light source

We also offer a modular solution that allows you to add spectroelectrochemistry to an existing electrochemistry setup.

With Autolab spectroelectrochemistry, you can set up spectroelectrochemistry instruments the way you need:

  • Two spectrophotometers available
  • Dedicated deuterium/halogen light source
  • All components controlled in NOVA software

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Portable potentiostats

Find our range of small, affordable potentiostat/ galvanostat instruments here.

Portable potentiostats

DropView software

Dedicated software for combined electrochemical and optical measurements.

DropView for SPELEC

Screen-printed electrodes

Fast, inexpensive, and versatile. Discover our screen-printed and interdigitated electrodes for electrochemical research.

Screen-printed electrodes

Electrochemistry cells

Find the suitable cell for spectroelectrochemical measurements here.

Spectroelectrochemistry cells