811 Online IC Process Analyzer (2 channels, 115 V)

811 Online IC Process Analyzer (2 channels, 115 V)
Order number: 2.811.0025
2-Channel online ion chromatograph with inline calibration and sample preconcentration for simultaneous determination of cations and anions with and without suppression down to the ultra-trace range. 10 independent sample flows. 115 V.
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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 920/1860/642
Dimensions remark Housing dimensions (rollers and projecting parts not included)

  • Online ion chromatography system with one or two channels
  • 10 sample flows
  • Flexible, can be adapted to suit virtually any IC application
  • Dual-piston IC pump guarantees low pulsation
  • «MSM» Metrohm Suppressor Module for chemical suppression
  • Conductivity detector with excellent temperature stability - better than 0.01 °C - and perfect electrical shielding thanks to Faraday cage
  • Two or four six-way valves are built in
  • Low-noise signal for highest sensitivity
  • Eluent degasser is built in
  • No external gases required
  • Battery-supported power failure backup means that power cuts of up to 30 min do not affect operation
  • Modem and remote control software
  • Weight approx. 450 kg