Optimising Industrial Processes with    In-line Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
07/09/2017 09:00 - 07/09/2017 17:00 (Metrohm UK, Runcorn, Cheshire)

When operating processes in any industry, certain parameters within the product or process need to be monitored and maintained to ensure a quality end product comes off the production line. 

Certain processes are so well developed and understood that parameters are well controlled meaning in-line or even off-line monitoring is not required. However processes that have critical parameters with the ability to deviate quickly relative to the frequency and accuracy of analysis, means the process is not adequately controlled. In-line monitoring can overcome such problems and rapid in-situ analysis and control of multiple physical and chemical parameters can be realised with in-line NIR spectroscopy.

In-line analysis can not only benefit and control a process from a quality perspective, but also from a safety and accuracy perspective in-line sampling eliminates personal exposure and is more representative than taking samples for off-line analysis. Furthermore product quality and consistency, yield improvements, higher throughput and savings on expensive energy bills and raw-materials can be realised.

This Seminar is aimed to provide a basic understanding of the principles and applications of NIR spectroscopy from Pharmaceutical, Polymer, Fine, Heavy, Petro Chemical and Formulation manufacturing. The seminar will cover the basic principles of NIR, and will be a mix of presentations and practical demonstrations on Metrohm Process Analytics XDS and Analyser Pro systems and how they can be integrated with various processes to obtain rapid and representative data.

  • Basics of Vibrational and NIR Spectroscopy – Advantages of NIR over other spectroscopic techniques
  • How to Integrate an NIR Analyser into a Process
  • Introduction to Chemometrics for Qualification and Quantification
  • Presentations, Workshops and Practical demonstrations on the following batch and continuous Unit operations –
    • Quantitative and Semi-quantitative multicomponent Reaction progress and end point monitoring
    • Monitoring Mixing and blending Operations – homogeneity and end-point of liquids and powders
    • Monitoring freeze, spray and fluidised bed dryers for moisture optimisation and efficient processing
    • Raw Material Qualification and assaying for Standardisation
    • Distillation and solvent recovery
    • Gas/liquid scrubbing
    • Reactive extrusion and blending of polymer melt processing

If you operate any of the above or other unit operations, and are looking at how you can further improve your process, safety or to save money, you may benefit attending this seminar.

Date: 7th September 2017
At: Metrohm UK Ltd, Cheshire
Seminar is free to attend


9.30 Registration and Coffee
9.45 Welcome and Introduction
10.00 Basic Principles of NIR Spectroscopy and Integration into Processes
10.45 Vision Software– All in one solution for Routine Analysis, Quantification and Qualification
11.15 Coffee Break
11.30 Application of in-line NIR to optimise and improve processes
12.30 Buffet Lunch
13.15 Workshop 1 – Monitoring a Reaction on the XDS Analyser
13.45 Workshop 2 – Identifying Powders and Quantifying Moisture with the Reflectance Probe Analyser Pro
14.15 Coffee Break
14.30 Workshop 3 –Measuring in Transmission
15.00 Q&A and Goodbyes