Metrohm Training 2018
15/11/2017 11:48 - 31/12/2018 00:30

Metrohm Academy IC Course
Why invest in training?

Knowledge is power. The power to optimise your results and troubleshoot efficiently when required.  How much time is wasted optimising experiments, pinpointing errors, downtime due to poor maintenance and repeating failed experiments? All our courses include advice on best practice, maintenance, optimisation and troubleshooting, as well as background theory.  With this information, efficiency in all aspects of running a Metrohm instrument is increased, ultimately saving plenty of time and money.  

Whether you’re new to the equipment or would like to develop your knowledge further, we can provide the training for you.  Certificates and course material are provided on all our training courses and workshops, as well as refreshments and lunch.

Bespoke onsite or offsite Training Options

Customised training solutions designed specifically to meet your needs. Whether it’s training a new user or providing refresher training to the whole team, held on your
premises, we will travel to you.

Benefits of on-site training:

• Content is tailored to your needs and level of ability; as basic or advanced as required
• We can fit into your schedule
• Cost and time effective for a group of staff
• Training can be performed using your instrumentation

Enquire about bespoke training