Inline monitoring of water content in naphtha fractions by NIRS

In the petrochemical sector, the determination of the water content of crude oil, refined petroleum products, lubricants, and more is important for maintaining quality control, meeting trade specifications, protecting financial value, and enhancing process optimization. This knowledge enables the refinery to take steps to reduce risks from corrosion, safety problems, and infrastructure damage which can be caused from unwanted water content levels. This application is generally performed by Karl Fischer titration, which uses several reagents; however, it can also be fulfilled with near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). The NIRS XDS Process Analyzer (configured for applications in ATEX areas) offers fast, reagent-free, nondestructive analysis of the water content in naphtha fractions from the crude distillation unit. A diverse range of parameters can be determined simultaneously in seconds from just one analysis.