Carbon Raman Analyzer

Carbon Raman Analyzer
Beställningsnummer: BWT-840000851

B&W Tek’s Carbon Raman Analyzer (CRA) is a portable Raman system with 532 nm laser excitation and a fiber-optic sampling probe developed for carbon material testing. The CRA is equipped with a high-throughput spectrometer with a TE-cooled CCD detector. It is ideal for graphene, carbon nanotubes, and other materials in powdered forms, with no need for sample preparation. For simple, reproducible measurements, the system includes a probe holder with XYZ positioning stage and a Class 1 sampling enclosure. The BWSpec® software for data collection, spectral processing, and real-time trending can be configured to automatically calculate peak areas, heights and ratios, as well as the properties of graphene, such as D and G band intensity ratios and G band peak heights. With BWSpec®, the CRA can be used to monitor up to six variables, with real-time results displayed in a trend plot and a table simultaneously. The easy-to-use instrument allows graphene manufacturers to obtain at-line or on-line measurements for material characterization, product quality control, and process monitoring.

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Battery Optional
CCD Temperature (°C) -25°C
Computer interface USB 2.0
DC Power Adapter Input 100–240 V AC 50/60 Hz
DC Power Adapter Output 12 V DC at 6.6 A
Detector Type High Quantum Efficiency CCD Array
Dimensions 40 cm x 26 cm x 25 cm
Humidity 10% to 85%, non-condensing
Integration time 7 ms – 30 mins
Laser Power 35 mW, nominal at exiting probe / 42 mW, nominal at laser port
Laser Power Control 0% to 100% (adjustable in 1% steps)
Laser Wavelength (nm) 532 nm
Operating Temperature (°C) 0°C – 35°C
Range 150 – 3400 cm-1
Resolution <; 8.0 cm-1 at 614 nm
Trigger Yes (compatible with B&W Tek probes)
Weight ~8.8 kg