7010 TOC, configured for TC

7010 TOC, configured for TC
Beställningsnummer: A45B22RE050TC

The 7010 TOC Analyzer measures continuously total carbon (TOC + TIC) in liquid samples using the UV persulfate oxidation method with subsequent carbon dioxide detection by non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption.
Typical measuring ranges are from 0-50 mg/L C to 0-1000 mg/L C with options of external dilutors to extend up to 0-20000 mg/L C.

Dual compartment design separates the electronics from the wet part. The sample line uses large diameter tubing and is valve-free to overcome blocking due to solids. A digital flowmeter continuously monitors the carrier gas flow and automatically stops the analyzer in case of abnormal values. An Internal air compressor manages the carrier gas flow eliminating the need for an external air supply. A color touchscreen user interface allows for easy access to process parameters, result database and diagnostics with password protection.

  • Tekniska specifikationer
Ambient Temperature 5-40 °C
Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 760/600/210
Ingress Protection IP54
Number of sample streams 2
Weight kg 37