Process Colorimeter ADI2019

Process Colorimeter ADI2019
Beställningsnummer: ZBADI20190

The ADI 2019 Process Colorimeter performs photometric absorption measurements in the visible light range.
A high performance compact photometer module developed by Metrohm Applikon is used. It comprises a thermostated cuvette with 3 cm light path and LED technology. The color development stabilization is automatically detected by making use of differential absorbance measurements. The ADI 2019 directly implements your colorimetric laboratory method in a simple way with little bias in obtained results.

  • Tekniska specifikationer
Ambient Temperature 5-40 °C
Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 460/700/352
Ingress Protection IP66/NEMA4
Number of sample streams 1
Weight kg 45