"ProfIC 2 – AnCat" – Professional IC System with Inline Ultrafiltration

"ProfIC 2 – AnCat" – Professional IC System with Inline Ultrafiltration
Beställningsnummer: ProfIC 2 - AnCat

The very compact Professional IC system with Metrohm Inline Ultrafiltration and conductivity detection enables the fully automatic determination of anions and cations. With "ProfIC 2 – AnCat", anions and cations can be determined not only in parallel but also in time-saving fashion completely independently of one another. The two systems integrated in "ProfIC 2 – AnCat" use the same 858 Professional Sample Processor – Pump that is subjected to intelligent management by the MagIC Net™ software.

Schematic diagram

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1 x 2.850.3030 850 Professional IC
2 x 2.850.9010 850 Conductivity Detector
1 x 2.858.0020 858 Professional Sample Processor
1 x 6.5330.010 IC equipment for ultrafiltration


IC column, sample rack, sample vessels as well as MagIC Net have to be ordered separately, depending on the particular application.