iUnitrode with Pt1000

iUnitrode with Pt1000
Beställningsnummer: 6.0278.300

Intelligent, combined pH electrode with integrated memory chip for storing sensor data and Pt1000 temperature sensor. This electrode is particularly suitable:

  • for pH measurements and titrations in difficult, viscous, or alkaline samples
  • at elevated temperatures
  • for long-term measurements

The fixed ground-joint diaphragm is insensitive to contamination.

Reference electrolyte: c(KCl) = 3 mol/L, storage in storage solution.
Alternatively: reference electrolyte for measurements at T>80°C: Idrolyte, storage in Idrolyte.
iTrodes can be connected to Titrando, Ti-Touch or 913/914 meters.

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Diaphragm Fixed ground-joint diaphragm
Electrode plug-in head Metrohm plug-in head K
Electrode slope > 0.97
Electrode zero point (mV) +/-15
Electrolyte flow rate (μl/h) 3...30
Indicator electrode shape Cylinder
Max. installation length (mm) 113
Measuring range 0...14
Measuring unit pH
Membrane glass type U
Membrane resistance 150...500
Min. immersion depth (mm) 25
pH range 0...14
Reference electrolyte type c(KCl) = 3 mol/L
Reference system LL system
Resistance (kOhm) 5
Shaft diameter bottom (mm) 12
Shaft diameter top (mm) 12
Shaft material Glass
Temperature range, long-term (°C) 0...80
Temperature range, short-term (°C) 0...100
Temperature sensor Pt1000

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  • Sleeve with SGJ 14/12 mm
    Sleeve with SGJ 14/12 mm
    Sleeve with SGJ 14/12 mm, polyethylene.

    1 piece(s)

    Storage vessel
    Storage vessel  

    Together with 6.2008.050 storage vessel holder provides a support for the electrode on 6.3032.XXX dosing units.

    1 piece(s)

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  • 854 iConnect
    854 iConnect

    854 iConnect - electrode cable and measuring amplifier for intelligent electrodes «iTrodes».

  • Electrolyte  3 mol/L KCl (250 mL)
    Electrolyte 3 mol/L KCl (250 mL)
    Electrolyte solution c(KCl) = 3 mol/L, (for Ag/AgCl reference systems)
  • Idrolyte (250 mL)
    Idrolyte (250 mL)
    Idrolyte (for 6.0224.100 Electrode and Unitrode at T >80°C)
  • Storage solution
    Storage solution
    Storage solution for all combined pH glass electrodes with reference electrolyte c(KCl) = 3 mol/L
  • pHit kit
    pHit kit

    Maintenance kit for pH electrodes

    The kit contains:

    • 50 mL cleaning solution
    • 50 mL 3M KCl solution
    • 50 mL storage solution
    • 2 Storage vessels
    • Instructions for use
  • Cleaning solution 3 x 50 mL
    Cleaning solution 3 x 50 mL

    Reliable measuring results over long periods of time can be guaranteed only if the pH glass membrane and the diaphragm receive preventive and regular care. Cleaning by etching with toxic chemicals or applying mechanical treatment to the diaphragm is not only complicated and expensive, it also accelerates the ageing of the pH glass electrode.
    The cleaning solution was developed for easy and gentle cleaning of pH glass electrodes. Regular use can considerably prolong their service life.

    This cleaning solution is also part of the pHit kit.