Metrosep C 6 - 150/2.0

Metrosep C 6 - 150/2.0
Beställningsnummer: 6.01051.220

The high-capacity C 6 material makes the microbore version of the Metrosep C 6 - 150/4.0 column the optimum solution for the separation of standard cations with high differences in concentration with reasonable retention times. Drinking water with low ammonium contents can be determined with this column.

The column is suitable for use in IC-MS coupling.

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Carrier material Polybutadienemaleic acid on a silica gel base / spherical silica gel
Column capacity 8 µmol (K+)
Column dimensions 2.0 x 150 mm
Eluents Nitric acid/dipicolinic acid eluent (standard eluent)

Nitric acid: 1.7 mmol/L; 3.4 mL/2 L (HNO3, c = 1 mol/L)
Dipicolinic acid: 1.7 mmol/L; 568 mg/2 L
Housing material PEEK
Max. pressure 20 MPa
Maximum flow 0.7 mL/min
Organic modifier Eluent: 0...100% acetone and acetonitrile (no alcohol)

Sample: 0...100% acetone, acetonitrile and alcohols
Particle size 5 µm
pH range 2...7
Standard flow 0.25 mL/min
Standard temperature 20...30 °C
Temperatur range 20...60 °C