IC – Frequently Asked Questions


  • I observe increased peak broadening although the column is new. What could be the cause?

Eluent and standards

  • What do I need in order to prepare eluents?

  • The retention times change with each new eluent. What can I do?

  • The retention times change during the use of an eluent. Why?

  • Which standard solutions can be used in ion chromatography?

Peristaltic pumps


  • How are Dosinos used in ion chromatography?

  • Is there a risk of carryover if I use the Dosino for sample input?

  • How is the Dosino assigned to a particular function?

  • Can I use a Dosino for eluent preparation (Eluent Dosino), for Liquid Handling, and for Suppressor Regeneration?

  • Which dosing unit should I choose?

  • How can I clean a blocked dosing unit?


  • What is an iColumn?

  • To what must I pay particular attention when using IC columns?

  • How do I find out whether a particular separation column is suitable for my tasks?

  • How do I protect the column against particles and unwanted components?

  • How do I store the IC column when it is not in use?

  • Is it possible to regenerate IC separation columns?


Maintenance / Troubleshooting

  • The pressure in the system has noticeably increased.

  • The measured values exhibit excessive scattering.

  • Does a Metrohm IC system have a maintenance manual?

  • Which maintenance work can I carry out myself?

  • Does Metrohm offer service agreements?

  • How are the Metrohm Service technicians qualified?