MIRA XTR DS: The evolution of handheld Raman for fluorescence-free material identification

The illicit world is dirty. Street drugs, back-alley labs, and improvised explosives all involve chemical agents that are dangerous to first responders and the public.

We have developed the most compact and versatile answer to these threats: MIRA XTR DS handheld Raman spectrometer.

MIRA XTR DS is the most compact, rugged handheld material ID solution on the market. It can identify more than 20,000 unknown substances in the field, with the advanced ability to eXTRact the Raman signal from fluorescent samples.

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MIRA XTR DS: powerful, pocket-sized material ID in the field

Unlimited scope of applications

From potentially toxic chemicals to unknown street drugs to materials authentication to routine lab analyses, MIRA XTR DS with the KnowItAll® Raman Spectral Library provides ultimate identification capabilities.

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Advanced eXTRaction of Raman data from fluorescent samples

Fluorescence-free 785 nm Raman offers low-power, high resolution improvement over interrogation with 1064 nm. MIRA XTR DS identifies sensitive materials such as narcotics mixed with fluorescent cutting agents and colored explosives.

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Safety first

Analyze potentially hazardous materials from a distance of up to 2 meters. MIRA XTR DS offers Smart Tips and powerful features such as scan delay that ensure the safety of the defense and security professionals in the field.

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The benefits of MIRA XTR DS

When fluorescence is an issue, our competitors turn to 1064 nm systems. These systems, however, use a higher laser power for sampling, which increases the potential for sample damage. In addition, the instrument battery lifetimes are shorter and the bulkier and heavier designs prohibit single-handheld operation. 1064 nm systems are also only 30% as sensitive as 785 nm.


  • permits interrogation of sensitive samples using the low power of a 785 nm laser
  • comes with higher sensitivity and resolution in a smaller footprint than 1064 nm instruments
  • features 20,000+ library entries – the largest library available on any handheld Raman system
  • is capable of both bulk Raman and trace identification of fentanyl and other illicit drugs

1064 nm vs. XTR Raman spectroscopy

Download the free white paper "Fluorescence-free 785 nm material ID with MIRA XTR DS" to learn more about the benefits of MIRA XTR DS and Metrohm Raman's proprietary method XTR® (Raman eXTRaction). The white paper gives an overview of fluorescence suppression methods and covers various application examples (e.g., hazardous chemicals, illicit drugs, ingredients and products of the food and beverage industry, and more).

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MIRA XTR DS in action

Download the free white paper "On-site detection of hexavalent chromium in protective paint primers" to learn more about MIRA XTR DS and its ability to extract highly-resolved spectra from bright colored, heterogenous, and complex matrices.

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