Dual mode bipotentiostat module

Dual mode bipotentiostat module
Ordernummer: BA

The BA is a dual-mode bipotentiostat module that converts the Autolab into a double channel potentiostat with which measurements on 2 working electrodes can be performed sharing the same counter and reference electrode.

In the Bipotentiostat mode, a fixed potential is applied to the second channel (second Working Electrode) while applying a potential step or a sweep to the first channel (first Working Electrode). In the Scanning Bipotentiostat mode, a potential offset with respect to the first channel is applied to the second channel.

  • Technische specificaties
  • Opties
Current resolution 0.0003 % of current range
Maximum current in ampère 0.050
Number of current ranges 7
Number of current ranges remarks 10 mA to 10 nA
Potential and current accuracy 0.2 %
Potential range in volt 10