747 VA Stand

747 VA Stand
Ordernummer: 2.747.0010
Workstation for the 746 VA Trace Analyzer. Integrated VA Stand with potentiostat for routine analysis. Complete accessory with all electrodes for a complete measuring system: Multi Mode Electrode (MME), Ag/AgCl reference electrode, and platinum (Pt) auxiliary electrode.
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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 220/280/382
Dimensions remark

Height with fully raised cover: 520 mm


  • Max. voltage output: ±10 V
  • Max. current output: ±5 mA
  • Sweep rate: 1 mV/s...100 V/s at 10 mV resolution

Current measuring techniques

  • DC, DP, SqW, AC1, AC2, NP, CV, PSA

Working electrode

  • Multi-Mode Electrode (MME), can be operated as DME, SMDE, or HMDE
  • RDE available as option

Reference electrode

  • Ag/AgCl/KCl 3 mol/L

Auxiliary electrode

  • Pt
  • Glassy Carbon (GC) as option


  • PTFE, 200 to 3000 min-1