695 VA Autosampler

695 VA Autosampler
Ordernummer: 2.695.0010
Flexible high-end x-y-z-Autosampler for the fully automated routine analysis in voltammetry in combination with the 747 VA Stand. The 695 VA Autosampler is completely controlled by the 746 VA Trace Analyzer.
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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 606/518/515

  • Holds up to 80 samples and up to 27 auxiliary solutions.
  • Handles all required solutions: electrolytes, buffers and standards.
  • Solution transfer by pipetting in a volume range of 10 µL...10 mL with a max. error of 1%.
  • Minimal cross contamination due to the integrated surface sensor and intermediate rinsing of the pipetting tip.
  • Two 700 Dosinos are used for rinsing of the measuring vessel and the pipetting tip.
  • Sample rack with 80 x 12 mL sample tubes. Option: 40 x 50 mL sample tubes.
  • Rack for auxiliary solutions with 16 x 50 mL and 1 x 500 mL beaker. Option: rack with additional10 x 50 mL tubes.
  • Option: Holder for rack of 705 UV Digester.