Autolab RRDE cell

Autolab RRDE cell
Artikkelnummer: RRDE.CELL.CPL

The Autolab RRDE cell is a complete electrochemical cell designed for experiments under forced convection with the Autolab RRDE (or Autolab RDE2). The kit consists of a glass vessel with a volume of 300 mL, fitted with a thermostatic jacket for temperature control.

All the parts that can come in contact with the solution can be cleaned in aggressive conditions, making the cell suitable for typical electrocatalysis experiments or sensitive interfacial electrochemistry measurements.

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  • Ag/AgCl reference electrode
    Ag/AgCl reference electrode

    Silver / silver chloride reference electrode with c(KCl) = 3 mol/L as reference electrolyte.
    This reference electrode is suitable for aqueous applications and the SGJ 14/15 enables easy assembly.

    1 piece(s)

  • Support stand with support rod
    Support stand with support rod

    Complete, with stand rod, total length 42 cm. Used with 649, 728 Magnetic Swing-out Stirrer alone (without Dosimat)

    1 piece(s)

  • Intermediate SGJ sleeve
    Intermediate SGJ sleeve
    Used with reference and auxiliary electrodes in measuring and titration vessel with 6.1414.010 lid

    2 piece(s)

  • Thermometer

    Glass thermometer (-20 °C to 150 °C).

    1 piece(s)

  • Platinum sheet electrode
    Platinum sheet electrode

    This electrode consists of a thin sheet of platinum embedded into a glass shaft. This electrode can be used as a counter electrode for most electrochemical measurements. The surface area is approximatively 1 cm².

    1 piece(s)

  • RRDE cell lid
    RRDE cell lid

    Teflon lid with seven conical fittings for the Autolab RRDE Cell.

    1 piece(s)

  • RRDE cell clamp
    RRDE cell clamp

    Metal cell stand holder for the Autolab RRDE Cell.

    1 piece(s)

  • RRDE cell gas purge
    RRDE cell gas purge

    Two way gas purge tube for the Autolab RRDE Cell.

    1 piece(s)

  • RRDE cell hose connector
    RRDE cell hose connector

    Set of adaptors for connecting an external waterbath to the Autolab RRDE Cell for temperature control.

    2 piece(s)

  • RRDE cell seal
    RRDE cell seal

    Teflon-coating o-ring for the Autolab RRDE Cell.

    1 piece(s)

  • RRDE cell clamping ring
    RRDE cell clamping ring

    Holding ring for the Autolab RRDE Cell.

    1 piece(s)

  • RRDE cell glass stopper
    RRDE cell glass stopper

    Set of glass stoppers for the Autolab RRDE Cell.

    2 piece(s)

  • RRDE cell thermometer adaptor
    RRDE cell thermometer adaptor

    Thermometer adaptor for the Autolab RRDE Cell.

    1 piece(s)

  • RRDE cell vessel
    RRDE cell vessel

    Glass vessel of the Autolab RRDE Cell.

    1 piece(s)