Free webinar: How to maximize efficiency of your oil condition monitoring

Parameters, methods, and how to apply them

Be it wind turbines, heavy equipment, or any other kind of machinery – monitoring hydraulic and lube oils is critical for performance and to prevent premature wear. In a free webinar on June 3, 2021, three different analytical techniques are presented for determining the most critical physical and chemical parameters in oil condition monitoring. Each technique – titration, near-infrared spectroscopy and voltammetry – has its own advantages, as will be demonstrated by specific application examples. All three of them can be automated for high-throughput analysis and faster results.

After the webinar, attendees will be able to make well-informed decisions which method or which combination of them suits their laboratory’s requirements best so they can take the next step to improve efficiency of their routine analytics for oil condition monitoring. Participants will learn:

  • How to measure critical chemical and physical oil parameters by titration, near-infrared spectroscopy, and voltammetry
  • How automated measurements of large sample series increase efficiency and reproducibility 
  • How NIR spectroscopy can provide results for multiple physical and chemical parameters in less than a minute
  • How serial determination of water content can be automated as per revised ASTM D6304 
  • How to determine antioxidants in multiple samples fully automatically including sample preparation
  • What thermometric titration is and how it helps to improve robustness of serial acid number testing in heavily contaminated lubricants

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