Standards for feedstock analysis

Parameter Standard Matrix Method
Acid number
ASTM D4662-08 Polyol (in PU production)
Acidity ASTM D5629-05
ASTM D6099-13
ISO 14898:1999
Low-acidity aromatic isocyanates and PU prepolymers
Moderate- to high-acidity aromatic isocyanates
Aromatic isocyanates in PU production
Free acidity DIN EN ISO 1061:2000 Unplasticized cellulose acetate
Alkalinity/basicity ASTM D4662-08
ASTM D6979
ISO 14899:2001
ASTM D6437
Polyol (in PU production)
Total aldehydes ASTM D7704-12 Styrene monomer
Total chlorine ASTM D4661 Isocyanates
Hydrolyzable chlorine ASTM D4663 Isocyanates
Degree of unsaturation ISO 17710:2002
ASTM D4671
Polyol (in PU production)
Hydroxyl groups ASTM E1899-08 Polyol (in PU production)
Hydroxyl number ASTM D4274-11
ISO 14900:2001
ASTM D6342-12
ISO 15063:2011
Polyol (in PU production) Titration
Permanganate absorption number ISO 8660:2002 Caprolactam Photometry
Water ASTM D5460-02
ASTM D4672
ISO 14897:2002
Rubber additives
Polyol (in PU production)
Polyol (in PU production)