Autolab PGSTAT302F

Autolab PGSTAT302F
Rendelésszám: PGSTAT302F

The PGSTAT302F is a special version of the PGSTAT302N which can be switched from the regular 'grounded mode' to so-called 'floating mode'. In grounded mode, the PGSTAT302F can be used with normal electrochemical cells, while in floating mode, the PGSTAT302F can be used with grounded cells or electrochemical cells in which the working electrode is connected to ground (e.g. pipelines, autoclaves, etc.).

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Analog integrator false
Compliance voltage range in volt 30
Current resolution 0.0003 % of current range
Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 520/160/420
Dimensions remark without cables
Input impedance in Ohm 1 T
Maximum bandwidth in Hz 100 k
Maximum current in ampère 2
Maximum number of channels 1
Maximum number of modules 1
Modular instrument true
Multichannel instrument false
Number of current ranges 9.0
Number of current ranges remarks 10 nA to 1 A
Potential and current accuracy 0.2 % and 0.2 % of current range
Potential range in volt 10
Potential resolution 3 µV (gain 100)
Weight of the instrument in kg 18

A teljes szállítási csomag és opcionális tartozékok letöltése

  • Set of crocodile clamps
    Set of crocodile clamps

    Set of four (2 black, 2 red) crocodile clamps, for connections to electrodes in the electrochemical cell.

    1 piece(s)

  • Autolab dummy cell
    Autolab dummy cell

    Dummy cell for instrument testing.

    1 piece(s)

  • 50 cm BNC cable
    50 cm BNC cable

    50 cm BNC cable for diagnostics purposes.

    1 piece(s)

  • Monitor cable for N series Autolab
    Monitor cable for N series Autolab

    Monitor cable for modular Autolab systems, providing connections for external equipments (Potential output (Eout), Current output (iout) and Potential input (Ein)).

    1 piece(s)

  • Power cable
    Power cable

    Standard power cable for Autolab instruments and accessories.

    1 piece(s)

  • Standard USB cable
    Standard USB cable

    Standard USB cable for Autolab instruments.

    1 piece(s)

  • Cell cable
    Cell cable

    Standard cell cable, 1.5 m, with connection for reference electrode (RE) and sense electrode (S).

    1 piece(s)

  • Cell cable
    Cell cable

    Standard cell cable, 1.5 m, with connection for counter electrode (CE), working electrode (WE) and ground.

    1 piece(s)

  • Advanced software for electrochemical research
    Advanced software for electrochemical research

    NOVA is the package designed to control all the Autolab instruments with USB interface.

    Designed by electrochemists for electrochemists and integrating over two decades of user experience and the latest .NET software technology, NOVA brings more power and more flexibility to your Autolab potentiostat/galvanostat.

    NOVA offers the following unique features:

    • Powerful and flexible procedure editor
    • Clear overview of relevant real-time data
    • Powerful data analysis and plotting tools
    • Integrated control for external devices like Metrohm Liquid Handling devices

    1 piece(s)

A teljes szállítási csomag és opcionális tartozékok letöltése

  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy module
    Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy module

    The FRA32M provides the means to perform impedance and electrochemical impedance measurements in combination with the Autolab. This module allows one to perform both potentiostatic and galvanostatic impedance measurements over a wide frequency range of 10 µHz to 32 MHz (limited to 1 MHz in combination with the Autolab PGSTAT). In addition to the classical EIS, the NOVA software also allows the users to modulate other outside signals such as rotation speed of a rotating disk electrode or the frequency of a light source to perform Electro-hydrodynamic or Photo-modulated impedance spectroscopy.

    The FRA32M module comes with a powerful fit and simulation software for the analysis of impedance data.

  • Software development kit
    Software development kit

    The Autolab Software Development Kit (Autolab SDK) is designed to control the Autolab instrument from different external applications such as LabVIEW, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), scripting etc. With the Autolab SDK the external application can be used to measure complete procedures or control individual Autolab modules.

    In order to use the Autolab SDK from other applications, these applications must have the possibility to use .NET assemblies or in the case of 'older' applications to use COM assemblies. How to integrate these assemblies is explained in the manual of the application.

    The Autolab SDK is compatible with Autolab NOVA however it does not require NOVA to be installed.