tiamo – Frequently Asked Questions


  • Backup is not working as required.

  • When is the status «last backup» entered in databases in tiamo?

  • How can I restore the databases?

  • The following error occurs: «Restoration not possible (015-137). Problems copying the database. Restoration cannot be carried out at present. Try again later.»

  • Can I set up backup as a service?


  • When installing clients in client/server systems (tiamo multi) you must always be logged onto the server in Windows.

  • Is it possible to delete a client in a client/server environment from the list of registered clients?

  • Power failure with tiamo client/server

  • How does the Reconnect work?

  • I always have Reconnect problems.


  • How can I retrospectively change the client ID?


  • Where is the data to be found in tiamo?

  • How is the database structured?

  • How is the data transmitted?

  • Which data is global and which is client-specific?

  • The more data there is the slower tiamo becomes.

  • Renaming of a database fails, and an error message appears stating that the database is in use.


  • What is actually stored in a determination?

  • With manual graph evaluation the EP is not plotted if I have selected ERC as the y1 axis.

  • If I change a view in the database, close the database, and then reopen it, the old view comes up − not the new one.

  • The result disappears after recalculation.

  • It takes a long time to open databases or the database manager.

  • Deletion of data records does not make the database smaller.

  • If I view a determination on two different PCs, different times (determination start, etc.) are displayed.

  • If I select one or more determinations from the database, open the dialog window «Control chart» and move this window, this (sometimes) creates lines in parallel with the axes (either in the subwindow «Graphs» or even on the actual control card!).


  • Which tiamo versions work with which Windows versions?

  • When the screen saver disappears, tiamo is grayed out, and I don't see any elements − just the window frame.

  • How should I select user rights in the file system and the registry?

  • Printing does not work

  • Can I use the Windows firewall, and how should I set it?

  • How should the Titrino and the 756/831 KF Coulometer be set so that the equipment works perfectly with tiamo?

  • Ever since updating from tiamo 1.X to tiamo 2.X other Metrohm programs no longer work properly, and devices are no longer recognized.

  • With Titrino, 700 Dosino is displayed as 685 but works perfectly

  • Various sample changers (e.g., 814 with 5.814.0023) cannot be updated (firmware).


  • What is actually installed during installation?

  • Which adaptations and changes does the tiamo installer carry out during installation?

  • After installation user rights were different, in that the user logged on during installation has full (or special) rights.

  • Can a PC be used that is tied to a domain structure?

  • Can the usual Windows patches and updates be installed without affecting the system?

  • Can a virus scanner be used?


  • Statistics series is reset, even though the series has not ended.

  • After [Stop] the Exit track is not run, and no data is entered into the database.

  • How can I fill in the sample table in a user-specific manner, so that the samples processed in this way are stored under the user who has filled in the column in question?