FAQs – MagIC Net


  • With which Windows™ versions is MagIC Net compatible?

  • Which MagIC Net versions are there?

  • Can I use a screen saver with MagIC Net?

  • To what must I pay particular attention when using MagIC Net on my computer?

  • Is MagIC Net FDA- and GMP-compliant?

  • MagIC Net is slowing down. What can I do to prevent this?

  • Can MagIC Net databases be created, renamed, or deleted?

Configuration/user management

  • How do I register devices or modules in MagIC Net?

  • How do I use the "User administration"?

  • Is the "Audit Trail" always active?

  • Can registered users be deleted from MagIC Net?

  • Can users be restricted for making changes, e.g., to methods, sample data, integration, etc.?


  • How is the raw data of a determination handled? Is it always available?

  • Can an individual determination be exported?

  • Can MagIC Net databases be created, renamed, or deleted?

  • How can databases be backed up?

  • What is a "batch"?

  • The integration is marked as "Manual" in the determination. How can I find out which peak was integrated manually?

  • Which calibration option should I choose for "Reprocessing" of determinations?

  • How can I create a new calibration from already recorded standards in which the component assignment was not correct?

  • How can the entire calibration be transferred to all standards?

  • A standard for the calibration was recorded with the wrong sample type. What should I do?


  • What does a "Method" contain?

  • How do I use the example methods supplied with MagIC Net?

  • What are "Common variables" and how are they used?

  • What are (logical) conditions?

  • What are subprograms?

  • Which types of subprograms are there?

  • How are the drift, noise, and, e.g., the current conductivity determined during a chromatogram?

  • Can the limit of detection be calculated automatically in MagIC Net?

  • Can the recovery rate be calculated automatically with MagIC Net?

  • How can I determine the reproducibility of a multiple injection?

  • Can I automate the injection of a check standard after a certain number of sample measurements (e.g., 10)?

  • How can I check my "Method"?


  • How can I start a sample table automatically?

  • How do I make sure that my device is stopped at the end of a "Determination series"?

  • How can I check that my "Sample data" is complete?

  • How can I check that my "Sample data" in a "Sample table" are complete?

  • I have adjusted the method under "Reprocessing", but the next determinations are still being recorded with the old parameters.

  • Can I inject samples from one sampler into two IC systems that are independent of one another?