Free webinar on Inline Sample Preparation in IC
25-10-17 14:00 - 25-10-17 15:00

Laboratory scene with operator using an ion chromatography system

Learn how inline sample preparation can help you to deal with matrix components that interfere with your ion chromatography analyses. In addition, inline sample preparation can make your analyses faster, more cost-effective, and more accurate.

Metrohm presents a webinar hosted by G.I.T. Laboratory Journal that shows the principles and capabilities of various inline sample preparation techniques and some application examples that use these techniques.

Save the date! The webinar will take place on

  • October 25th, 2017
  • from 2 to 3 pm (CEST).

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The benefits of inline sample preparation in liquid chromatography

Aggressive or precipitating matrix components in samples may render analysis difficult or completely impossible. In addition, these matrix components can damage the separation column or lead to blockages in the system. Such problems can be prevented by applying suitable sample preparation techniques, such as filtration, dilution, or dialysis.

While such sample preparation steps had to be carried out manually in the past, modern techniques do all this fully automatically and allow you to trace back every step of the process.

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