Best practice: Screening and QC testing of petroleum products and fuels
16.6.2021 9:00 - 16.6.2021 10:00

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Join this webinar to learn how screening and quality control testing of petroleum products and fuels can be made faster and more efficient with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). You will get an overview what NIRS is, how to implement this technology and how key parameters in petroleum products are analyzed by NIRS according to current ASTM guidelines.

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  • How near-infrared spectroscopy works and can be used to quantify multiple chemical and physical parameters within 30 seconds
  • How near-infrared spectroscopy complies with ASTM guidelines such as E1655, D8340, and D6122
  • How Metrohm customers in the petrochemical industry use near-infrared spectroscopy and the cost and time savings they have experienced

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> Register for the webinar now (4 p. m. CEST session)