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MIRA XTR DS in action

It is widely accepted that prolonged exposure to hexavalent chromium compounds can have dire health effects. This has led to increased regulation of chromium-containing products and greater demand for technologies that can positively identify hexavalent chromium in potential matrices. These include paints, dyes, and primers; which can pose a problem for interrogation with Raman, as strongly colored materials often exhibit fluorescence when stimulated at 785 nm. Fluorescence can obscure the Raman signal and prevent positive identification.

Learn more about our ability to extract highly-resolved spectra from bright colored, heterogenous, and complex matrices and expand the traditional limits and suitable applications of 785 nm Raman spectroscopy with MIRA XTR DS.

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This white paper outlines how you can easily identify target compounds in the presence of fluorescent interferents with handheld Raman.